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      imdb.comThe voice stars for The Simpsons landed among the finest gigs in the biz! The program is the longest running TV sitcom in American history, it has won 24 Primetime Emmy Awards and after 500 episodes it’s still going strong. The voice actors for The Simpsons are getting an approximated $400,000 per episode. It is a natural train of thought – we think about an accent and we fit it with a tonal quality, a particular register in pitch and a character.

      I’m even guilty of it myself. When I do an English accent my mind instantly pulls up american voice over a throaty, deep smooth sound. Identity: Ironically, if you choose an “idol,” some well-known singer to mimic and replicate, you won’t make it on the show. The judges do not want copy-cats, particularly if you advertise your strategy. The show honors creativity and originality. You sing known tunes by popular artists, however you need to bring your variation.

      You must bring your identity. Not a gimmick or a show, however the authentic individual. Start with your typical speaking voice. What does your coach say? Are you the “everyman” voice? The “hip, edgy” voice? The “natural announcer” voice? Whichever comes the most convenient may be your bread and butter. Foster it. What you and your coach choose will end up being the focal point of your promotion. Often we do not go after what we dream. Worry obstructs. Fear of what? There is worry of failure and fear of success.

      Failure could indicate humiliation or losing what we have. Success will imply that people will expect more of us. And, the more noticeable we are, the more we are most likely to be criticized. Face your fears. See them for the nothingness they are. Worry is an emotion. emotion is the body’s action to idea. Comprehend what you are actually scared of and assess how real it is for you. COUNTRY folk, your most significant difficulty now is to get clients.

      Focus on getting your website seen (pay-per-click with Google and Yahoo) and sending your link to all the local business in your town. They’ll be delighted to know they don’t have to go far to get an expert voice over for their internal or industrial narrative. In the interim, send your CD to all the non-union voiceover auditions you discover online or in your regional trade paper. In L.A. and NY you would take a look at Backstage and Actors Gain Access To.

      We can’t constantly manage these things in our own lives, but whatever you are doing with your skill, you need to understand that what got you there was not your talent alone. It won’t keep you there if it did. Whatever neighborhood you are part of, that neighborhood desires the whole person, not just a voice.

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