How to Kill Mold in Your Washer and Prevent It From Coming Back

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      You wash your clothes and towels regularly, but how often do you clean your washing machine? If the answer is never, your washer could be harboring mold and mildew, leaving your laundry smelling less than fresh. Your washer needs a good scrub on a regular basis — especially if there’s a sulfur smell in your laundry. Fortunately, if there’s already mold growing in your washing machine, you can kill it and prevent it from coming back.<br>I’ll explain how to get your clothes and washing machine smelling fresh and clean again, and how to keep the bad smells away in the future. Plus, I’ll show you how to spot the gross gunk, clean it out and ward off bacteria for good. <br>Leave the lid open if you’re not washing clothes<br>Mold grows in dark, moist areas, which is what your washer becomes after you’ve unloaded the clothes. Keeping the lid closed traps moisture, which can lead to built-up bacteria and a bad smell. Instead, leave the door open to help ventilate the washer and prevent mold from growing in the first place. <br>Remove wet clothes right away <br>When you’re planning to throw a load of laundry in, make sure you’ll be home to remove the clothes when the timer goes off. That means don’t start the washer before going to work or to bed. Not only does this prevent mold from growing in your washer, but it keeps your clean clothes from mildewing.<br>Dry damp seals and parts after each use <br>After you’re finished using your washing machine for the day, make sure to wipe down any part of the washer that’s damp. This includes the lid, drum, door, rubber gaskets and detergent dispenser (if your machine has that feature). Keep an old towel on hand for this purpose.<br><br>Make sure to dry the seals along with the rest of your washer to prevent moisture from sticking around. And poker online while mold contamination can happen in any washer, it’s especially common in high-efficiency (aka HE) front-loading washers. That’s why you should regularly wash the gaskets and seals around the door and keep them dry. The gaskets make sure water doesn’t leak out around the door and also do a good job of sealing in the moisture that can help mold grow. You should also remove pet hair, crumpled paper or any other dirt in your washing machine right away. <br><br>Read more: <br>

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