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      wikipedia.orgOn one hand, this might not be a problem: when you learn more about someone you will have the chance to reveal yourself and show who you truly are. You would hope that many people are open minded enough to listen to you and to begin to understand who you really are. “White Bunny” (1967 ). Jefferson Aircraft. This was their 2nd hit song to come out of the album “Surrealistic Pillow,” after “Do Not You Desired Somebody to Love.” “White Bunny” really exemplified the West Coast psychedelic style of the 1967 Summer of Love, with its surrealistic lyrics and mindblowing crescendo.

      Grace Slick single handedly developed the idea of the powerhouse rocker woman. Other important West Coast groups at this time were the Doors with “Light My Fire,” and the Byrds, with their cover of Dylan’s “Mr. Tambourine Guy.” Anyone going to San Francisco? The story is psychological action and psychological strife, as when Albert (Bertie) resists his routines of thought to understand why he stammers. And when Lionel Logue (Geoffrey Rush) explains how he pertained to understand the reasons for stammering.

      17. “Thriller,” (1982 ). Michael Jackson. A huge occasion. Musically, it was a synthesis of many styles that came before: funk, rock, r n b, disco, novelty tune, however it was so much more than its parts, as it seamlessly fused these styles together. It was also the prototypical music video, a visual achievement that has actually never ever been duplicated. The album is the very best selling album of all time.

      Churchill didn’t need to sound like someone different from himself to acquire the admiration of listeners. Neither did Bertie, as he finally comprehended. And neither do you or I, in our discussions and speeches.

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