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      Jacob & Co. presents the…Astronomia Sky Watch

      Jacob & Co founder Jacob Arabo said: “Like a sailor sailing across the seas guided by the firmament, I found my star, the Astronomia Sky”. After launching the Astronomia Tri-Axis Gravity Tourbillon in 2014, Jacob & Co. took the challenge a step further in 2016. With the Astronomia Sky, Maison introduces a watch with an unprecedented complication: a three-dimensional star display combining celestial indicators and day and night information. /night.

      In order to fully appreciate the complexity of this new watch, let us describe it element by element. The bottom of the Astronomia Sky box is covered with an astronomical dial, which rotates once on its axis in sidereal years (the time it takes for the Earth to orbit the sun relative to the stars). It’s made of blue titanium and features an 18-karat gold star and hand-engraved zodiac signs. Above the star dial, an oval celestial indicator shows the portion of the star visible from the northern hemisphere. This dial completes one full revolution in one sidereal day, the time it takes the Earth to rotate once on its axis (23.560916 hours). At the center of the satellite’s axis, a painted and hand-carved titanium sphere rotates on its axis, shaded by colored sapphire crystal domes that symbolize day and night. The globe rotates to the rhythm of the satellites, making one revolution every 20 minutes. 4 satellites also circle the dial in perpetual motion in 20 minutes. Among them, the three-axis gravity tourbillon and the hour and minute indicator thanks to the ingenious differential system keep the readings in the correct direction at all times, and the hour markers remain vertical. The third satellite is the orbit indicator for the second satellite, a skeletonized titanium wheel that spins on its own for 60 seconds. Finally, the fourth and final satellite is the “Jacob Cut” orange sapphire with 288 facets. The first of its kind in contemporary jewelry, this sapphire rotates once on its axis every 60 seconds. Produced in limited quantities, this extraordinary timepiece should appeal to connoisseurs. <p>replica Jacob & Co. watches</p>

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      U-BOAT Chimera
      The hull of this U-boat is made of 316L stainless steel, some sort of nonmagnetic material that has very good ductility even at reduced temperatures and is highly resistance against corrosion. It’s water-resistant for you to 10 bar, and its copyrighted crown locking system causes it to be particularly durable in arctic conditions or when on the way to the jacuzzi after a nice. Limited to 500 units, this specific model is as functional currently unique. <p>Replica U-BOAT watch</p>

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