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      All hail the Interweb! (tee-hee!) With its international reach, the Web gives us voiceover masters the opportunity to branch out and interact on a level never seen before in history. It’s fantastic to believe that simply 20 years earlier, nobody even understood what the Internet was or what it would imply to society. And now take a look at us. What would we do without it? Well, among the things we voice skills wouldn’t be able to do is promote ourselves worldwide.

      Often we do not pursue what we dream. Fear obstructs. Worry of what? There is fear of failure and fear of success. Failure might indicate embarrassment or losing what we have. Success will imply that people will expect more people. And, the more visible we are, the more we are most likely to be criticized. Face your worries. See them for the nothingness they are. Fear is an emotion. feeling is the body’s action to thought.

      nerdfitness.comComprehend what you are actually scared of and evaluate how genuine it is for you. If your voice is bad, you won’t move on to the next round. That is apparent. As the adorable Simon typically points out, “This is a singing competition.” american voice over the years, I have actually enjoyed the program off and on, however tonight was the very first time that I saw some of the early auditions. What struck me tonight was how much weight the judges put in qualities besides singing talent.

      For CITY folk, this is the hardest part. Not that the act is hard, however the determination required is massive. It might take you numerous mailings, conferences, etc to land an agent. The most important thing to bear in mind is “do not give up”! Do not reveal up looking like a vampire, or something else that you’re obviously not! That’s fine; reveal up goth if you’re goth for example. But, leave the cape and fake fangs at house.

      If standard American English is all you speak, nevertheless, there’s a likelihood you can snag a well-paying international voice over client. The reason is that English is spoken so commonly, many business outside the United States routinely look for voiceover talents with American accents. That’s fantastic news, however how do you get to them? Start with your typical speaking voice. What does your coach say? Are you the “everyman” voice?

      The “hip, edgy” voice? The “natural commentator” voice? Whichever comes the most convenient may be your support. Foster it. What you and your coach choose will become the focal point of your promo. There are likely very few people living in the United States who have not heard of American Idol. You almost have to be living under a rock to not understand about it these days. Is that a bad thing or a great thing?

      I believe it’s excellent. It’s a family friendly program without violence unless you count Ryan and Simon’s or Paula and Simon’s battles.

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