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      Bain Capital, which took control of the company in 2017, launched an auction process in May to explore options to cash out partially.

      The sale drew interest from the likes of Partners Group, Onex and Brookfield, the sources said.

      Angus Mordant/Getty Images

      What if I haven’t received my first or second batch of test kits?

      The USPS says its site has had some difficulties recognizing certain residential addresses, especially apartment buildings, multifamily homes and residences connected to commercial properties. 

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      Like many people, I started drawing during COVID-19 lockdown in 2020. I wanted to try to do something creative in my newly acquired spare time. I realized that art can be an effective mode of self-expression and a way to help process events going on around you. Even watching other people paint can be therapeutic: If you’re a Bob Ross fan, you know all about “happy accidents” and why every tree should have a friend.

      He’s carrying a string of triangular flags attached to a parachute, and it comes in handy later when a stranger shows up and provokes our testy guy in the sky. Once they’re ready to invite the beast back, OJ starts roaming around on a horse.

      The deal, which will see Bain Capital using its latest fund to reinvest in the company, ranks as one of Italy’s biggest buyouts this year and defies a tough financing market for private equity investors.

      Gov. Eric Holcomb is urging lawmakers to send taxpayers an additional $225.


      Let’s just see what JWST observed yesterday…

      If you have had issues placing an order, you can file a service request online or call the USPS Help Desk at 800-ASK-USPS.

      Lucy Challenger, 38, who is based in London and Berkshire, is the founder and CEO of high-end Mayfair agency Polo and Tweed, which sources employees for uber-wealthy clients.

      Privaty equity buyouts have suffered a slowdown in recent weeks, with European dealmakers struggling to secure financing to get deals over the line because of rising interest rates and concern that the region’s economies could dip into recession.

      Once Holst and his camera become alien food, Angel wraps himself in barbed wire fencing to avoid a similar fate. His role during the final showdown involves helping Holst.
      Yes, Angel survives the wrath of the beast. The beast tries to suck him up, but the fencing on the ground stays put, and Angel comes barreling back down to the ground.
      Does Angel (from Fry’s Electronics) live? (Another possible reason he survived: The creature probably didn’t like the taste of wire.)

      How to make professional sushi in minutes: Shoppers are…





      Australian shopper is delighted after visiting a VERY fancy… Aldi shopper shares a warning about the ‘hidden danger’… ‘Broke’ uni student who ‘barely gets by’ on her McDonald’s…

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